Wednesday, December 2, 2009

re-inventing christmas carols

My sister Sharolyn Joy and I have a Monday night tradition at her lovely home, consisting of dinner, a game of futsal, wine, and a house potter (in no particular order). In the lead up to Christmas we have inevitably ventured into the world of Christmas. For us this meant hanging the decorations (which our mother has generously and diligently gifted to us each Christmas from the time of our births, for a time such as this) on a dangerously makeshift wire rope, flipping through the old Christmas books, and dancing to the tunes of much loved Christmas carols.

I spent most of one evening completely in awe of old Christmas carols. The lyrics are profound & beautiful. I never really took much notice until now.

This is the outcome from worthy inspiration. I hope you enjoy them. You might even receive one in the mail soon.

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  1. These are brilliant Kirk! you are so clever. And you're right, with age also comes a greater appreciation of the lyrics and their beauty. I'm really enjoying that in a workplace that's religion neutral I am allowed to play carols that sing of a saviour born unto us - praise God!