Monday, January 11, 2010

smadd camp t-shirts

I recently completed designing a simple t-shirt for SMADD Camp (which stands for Song, Music, Art, Drama & Dance). Its a really artsie fartsie camp run through Scripture Union QLD. A close friend of mine is one of Camp Directors, which is how I scored this gig.

Red Octopus printed the shirts for us. These guys are great & speedy with rush orders. We ended up going with white ink on black t-shirts. It was a tough call, but i think it has worked out well.

White on black:
Black on white:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

grass seed & god

We have had a bald patch on our front lawn for about one year now, ever since my Jamie built a new retaining wall and had to move the dirt around. We finally mustered up the effort to get in some new top soil and grass seed, in an attempt to grow lush grass over this shameful bald patch.

The afternoon that we finished raking all the new grass seed out over the fresh top soil it began to rain. This was welcomed at first (as it saved me from having to water it myself), but it didn't stop. A large portion of the soil & seed was soon spread over our driveway and had filled the drains. Each morning as the skies promisingly looked like they might clear I would go outside and move the soil and whatever grass seeds remained back to where they belonged...and then it would rain again. This went on for weeks, and I soon gave up on the idea of ever having nice grass. I found it so frustrating to be completely out of control.

One day as we were leaving for church we noticed the bright green tops of the new grass beginning to poke through. And at that moment I felt at peace, knowing that we would have lush new grass in God's timing. It's only grass, but I think God would care about it.

I have learnt from this experience that grass grows really well in moist drains. And it might not have been my plan for it to grow in the drains, but maybe thats what it needed to get going. I have also learnt that you can easily transplant drain grass to the bald patches by hand quite successfully. And, I have learnt that God is in control of even the small things. Even grass seed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

hijacked by charlie

My camera was hijacked by a dear friend, Charlie on a recent caravan holiday (I was asleep behind that curtain). I actually quite like it when this happens. It can be really fun looking through the photos that have been captured in my absence. This one makes me laugh. Thanks Charlie.

making life pretty

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