Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Three Point Two to Twenty Three Point Three

Our gorgeous little Duke dog is not so little anymore. Weighing in at twenty three point three kilograms, I struggle to pick him up anymore. He is a delightful dog. We really are just so happy with him. He is such a gentle but playful pup.
We have recently become more certain about his breed - the bets are: Staffy + Bull Arab + Ridgeback = Duke.
We rescued him from the RSPCA when he was two months old (very tiny and underweight), and it was a bit of a gamble because we really had no idea what he would become. But he is lovely.

Duke loves to eat feathers and palm fronds (of which we have so many), sneak into my vegie garden and steal my eggplants, enjoys a chew of a good bone, big cuddles, sitting on my lap, and long romantic walks. He has made some rough and tumble buddies at the dog park to, which is a great way for him to release all his energy and always results a great nights sleep. Dozer, a Staffy cross Bull Arab (looks like Dukes twin) and Inka, a Staffy cross Bull Mastiff. They have become friends because they all like to wrestle together, unlike the silly yappy dogs and posh big dogs which we frequently encounter. They seem to be a little unsure of our Staffy breeds. Little do they know how lovely and gentle they actually are.

What more can I say. At the end of a long day, Duke makes everything ok. I think he might have magic powers.

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