Wednesday, May 19, 2010

charlie is a hen.

Charlie is a hen. Probably one of my favourite hens. We had a party to celebrate her and her upcoming wedding.

It was a very relaxed night, lots of lovely ladies, cheese and olives, nice wine, delicious food, pinatas, undies, and bon fires.

Charlie wasn't to keen on playing the usual hens night games (thank goodness!), so instead we played an underwear/pinata game. Who doesn't LOVE fresh undies - especially cute frilly ones? The answer is no-one. Each guest was asked to bring a pair of undies which reflected their personality, and Charlie then had to guess which pair was from who. It was hilarious fun, and she played along with it very cooperatively. A wrong guess meant a spin and blind hit at the pinata. Unfortunately I made it to thick, and she couldn't break the shell (which I was actually a little happy about because it still looks intact and beautiful). We ended up tipping it upside down to get the treats out...yum!

Only eight more days until the wedding!

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