Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my new cooking apron

I spent my day off this week making a cooking apron. I always seem to get messy when I cook...but not for much longer. I used one of my mums aprons as a basic pattern, but adjusted it so that the waist is a bit higher, with a thicker waist band.

I was so excited to finish it, but I forgot to wear it that night when I cooked. Whoops! I need to get into the habit of wearing it now.

There is something lovely about cooking aprons. They remind me of my mum - and all the amazing baking she has always done.


  1. but it's too pretty to get cooking mess on!

  2. I was hoping this would be post-worthy. You have been quiet on here lately clever lady. I agree Catherine, you need a daggy apron to protect this nice apron... I think we should look into making a dress this style though... to wear over a skivvy and jeans... (skivvy is a funny word if that's how you spell it) xoxo

  3. i was tempted to turn it into a dress mid way through. I also bought a couple of dress patterns from the op shop which would work well with a skivvy under. i will show you. nice fabric tho hey.