Thursday, July 15, 2010

t-shirt design for SMASH camp...ideas ideas

For the last couple of years I have worked on the t-shirts for a Scripture Union youth camp called SMASH. We sell them on camp to the leaders & students - which creates culture (there is nothing like being 13 and seeing 150 of your new best friends wearing the same shirt!) and it makes us a little bit money to support other aspects of the camp.

This was my original idea for the shirts - however it was quickly pointed out by one of our high school chaplains, that she could see the posters of this being quite rudely vandalized by some cheeky teenager...which now its been pointed out to me - I can also see happening. So the brain storming began...

I really love the below style - found on iStock. But screen printing it would be disastrous!
I like the below image also - found on iStock as well...but I'm thinking something a little more retro is in need...

This is what I have come up with (below). From the start I wanted Navy Blue t-shirts, so using white ink, plus the navy fabric to create the design will also make printing cheaper...I'm still not sure if it needs another colour...maybe light blue? Does anyone else have any ideas???

Oh, and I should mention that the switch to the 'camera' theme is because we have an fantastic camp activity on the Monday night - which is based around the use of cameras. I can't say much more - as I dont want to give anything away!

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