Friday, December 10, 2010

My 2D Christmas tree

As a young married couple, we always seem to struggle to know what to do with christmas trees. Honestly I think they are a little bit weird. We don't like fake plastic ones, real pine trees are too big for our house, we tried a live lemon tree one year - but then I planted it in the garden. I even tried to get away without one and decorated our fireplace chimney instead. It was hideous.

They are the kind of thing that I think brings more joy to children, or families with children, and for now, that isn't us.

So this year we again arrived at the "what do we do about a Christmas tree" decision, for our few humble gifts. I'm always inclined to make something rather than but something, so thats what we did. And trying to steer away from the traditional pine tree, I came up with this. Its 2D (so it takes up far less space), and we can still hang all our cute decorations (which my mum has loyally given to me each christmas of my life since I was born), and at Jamie's request I drilled little holes to poke christmas lights through. I painted it olive green to keep it festive, but also a little funky. I think this christmas tree will make us proud for a few years to come.


Duke dog was inside today, seeking refuge in the air conditioning, so I thought I would include him in this photo to. It has been such a hot and muggy day, as I speak there is a massive storm brewing, and I think its about to break loose.

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  1. I think it's cool but by the look on Duke's face he hates it