Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homemade week

I really have had a lot of time on my hands over the last few weeks...and I haven't found sitting around waiting to have a baby the easiest thing to do - I'm probably not the most patient person by nature, and I really don't like feeling lazy. So I've tried to be productive and get super prepared around the house, cleaning, cooking, making...I think it's the calm before the storm.

This week I made a new heat pack (made from an old shirt of Jamie's & some recycled calico) - in an attempt to relieve my sore shoulders...and I've been told they are a great help during labour. I will let you know if that's true later on.
I also made a refillable plastic bag holder for the baby room (also made from some recycled fabric) - for dirty nappies and the like. I'm not totally sure if this will be the most practical context for it, but if it doesn't get used here there is always a need for one in the kitchen.
And some recycled cards and envelopes (made from an old children's picture book). September is coming up quickly, and it seems that half of my husband's family are born in it. I always struggle with buying people gifts - so at least the card choosing/making part of it is already out of the way.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

knitted things

The first two jumpers were knitted by Jamie's Grandma Merle. They are just gorgeous! And the third Batman outfit was found on Etsy by a friend - the beanie even has little eye holes like a real mask! I cant wait to play dress ups! Only four weeks to wait now!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 33

Week 33_Kirsty

Week 32

It's week 32 already! Time is flying by so quickly! Recent developments include my semi-protruding tummy button which I'm very excited about. I've always had such a deep boring tummy button hole - and have always dreamt of have one that poked out. Batman is making all my dreams come true!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a lovely new toy

This was Jamie's gift to me for our 4th wedding anniversary. He sneakily picked it up in Melbourne last month when we were there on holidays. I remember playing with one of these that my mum had when I was younger, I think it might have even been her dads. Either way, I always felt so royal when I used it, although now I don't have to rifle through mums desk in secret to use one, I have my very own. Now to write and post some royal letters!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

four wonderful years

Today, the 16th of June 2011, my darling Jamie and I have been married for four wonderful years! How blessed we are, and how wonderful life is.

Wedding Video - Jamie & Kirsty from Kirsty Smith-Cottrell on Vimeo.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Batman’s Baby Room

Batman is now 29 weeks old, and his/her baby room is beginning to take shape. I want to keep it simple and obviously gender neutral for now. There are still a few bits and pieces that we need to get before his/her arrival, but we really are trying not to go over the top. There is so much advertising that says you NEED this, and NEED that, however I’m sure you could make do without most of it.
This was my first mother’s day gift from Jamie, it’s Batman’s first real toy named “Baby Monkey” after this silly video we saw a while ago.


It’s definitely winter here in Brisbane, and we’re making the most of it! We’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in our house – no air pump heaters for us. The fireplace is probably a lot more effort, cutting wood, finding enough twigs and newspaper, making it and monitoring it, but when the house is warm and you can smell that yummy timber burning smell, its all worth it!

I'm married to a Rock Star

My darling husband has been in a rock-bush-dance-band for years! It's made up of a few great friends and some ring-ins - they call themselves the Smashing Bumpkins. They are hilarious and fun! They mostly play popular rock covers which they've creatively tweaked to work with classic bush dances. They frequently have Saturday night gigs at birthday parties, school camps and youth community events like this one out at Warra (about 4 hours west of Brisbane). It's quite cool being married to my own little rock star.
(That's him on the drums)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Shower invites are done!

I've finally finished fiddling with the design of my baby shower invites, and most were sent out over the weekend! I went with a double sided postcard style, to save on envelopes. Kept it simple with a red and white colour scheme - which will be used for the party as well. Its still not for about six weeks, but I wanted to get them out early, as everyones weekends fill up so quickly these days.

Week 27


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lovely Lucy is her name

IMG_2411 IMG_2552

Lucy is just delightful. One of the most delightful kids I've ever know - and the cutest name. And her parents are just the same. Delightful, and wise. We are so blessed to have families like this is our lives that we can look up to, and get advice from. It's especially helpful that her mum is also a naturopath! They make me more excited about our family of two soon becoming a three.

Happy Birthday Miss Catherine

IMG_2420 IMG_2354
A favourite lady of mine turned twenty-five this week, and to celebrate we had a lovely picnic at Roma Street Parklands. I'm proud to be able to say that I've know Catherine since the day I was born. She is an old and special friend, and I'm so glad she is still in my life.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

State of Origin Vs Warm Outdoor Fire

The State of Origin football game is usually a pretty big deal in our house. Jamie loves watching it with a group of friends, eating pizza and cheering far too loudly. Football doesn't really appeal to me at all (or some of our other friends), so this year we found a great compromise. Football on the big tv inside, and marshmallows and a warm fire outside. This kept the serious football fans happy - no distractions from bored people like me chatting away in the background. There is something so lovely about sitting around a fire and chatting, enjoying the cold winter air and clear night sky. Even the dogs liked it. I think this will be a new tradition.

baby-moon food diary

As I said, our baby-moon holiday had a major food theme. I recently heard about a girl who started drawing everything that she purchased as a way of keeping track of her spending (and limiting it). I thought I'd try and do something similar to keep a track of our food adventures during our week in Melbourne, as we had a list of recommended cafes and restaurants to find.

The best cafe/bar find was a place called Pellegrini's Espresso Bar, which was about a 10 minute walk from our apartment in the city. It was opened in 1954, and it still looked like it was 1954 inside. The staff were all old Italian men, the mains menu was made up of some brass plaques on the wall (no prices anywhere to be found) and the only drinks they served were Frozen Granita Juice (kind of like a frappe) or amazing Coffee. It was simple and classic! The food was so fresh and authentic. And so cheap! We ate dinner there twice during our week. Definitely worth a visit if your in Melbourne.

Our baby-moon holiday

Jamie and I took two weeks off work for a bit of a baby-moon (our last holiday as just the two of us). It was the best holiday we've ever had which was a lovely surprise. I was a little unsure of how I would go traveling, as up until now (25 weeks pregnant) I've been quite unwell. But it seemed this was perfect timing - and exactly what I needed to break the somewhat unwell routine I was in.

We spent one week in Christchurch, New Zealand visiting my family and being tourists, and then one week in Melbourne, Australia on our own. It was a holiday marked mostly by delicious food (more than I've been able to eat in the past few months of morning sickness!), amazing coffee (also the first I've been able to stomach in months), and lots of time together being silly and enjoying each other. I'm so blessed to be married to my best friend, who for some reason never gets bored or sick of spending with me, and vice versa. it's wonderful.

Growing up

Boniver is growing up. She is a lovely thing. Hard to photograph with her deep black coat, so it's nice to get a shot of her cute pink tongue.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We've been puzzling

Puzzles and board-games are always such a drag at the start, but before long they are addictive and enjoyable, and addictive. We've spent most of our evenings this week drinking tea, listening to music and puzzling away. I'm thinking of starting a puzzle club to swap good ones.

happy birthday dad

My lovely Dad turned 59 yesterday. We had a lovely morning on their deck, with close friends and plenty of delicious food. Their are so many things that I love and appreciate about Dad, he is so generous and soft in spirit, and so wise in his own funny ways. Love you Dad.