Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cardboard boxes

The more I think about the little person growing inside of me, and the other ones to come, the more I worry about the world they are going to grow up in. I want my children to have a simple uncluttered life as much as possible. Where cardboard boxes and buckets of water equal hours of fun, where sticky tape and paint are prized possessions. The idea of electronic toys and games entertaining children for hours freaks me out.
So, as much as we can control it, we would like our house to be a plastic toy & battery opperated toy free house. Now we just have to convince everyone else we are not nuts. Fabric, wood and reclycled products are more than welcome!
I'm not coming at this from an overly green or environment minded standpoint, although those things are good, or even from a great understanding in what's good for children. But it feels right. Right for us.
Kirk, Show & Cardboard toys
I have great memories of spending hours collecting, cutting, sticking and painting to create some of my favourite toys. This is me (left) and Sharolyn (right) with some of our creations. We must have been about 4 and 5 (?). When it got to the point that our creations were taking over the house Dad would line them and us up like this, and take a photo (like so). At the time I don't think we realised it, but the creations somehow found their way to the bin, to make room for new ones.
At the end of the day, I think we need to value these simple things. Since when do kids need brand new shiny toys all the time. Wouldn't they learn more if they made them themselves. If they felt the different materials, tested them, experimented and just created.
This guy totally inspires me to be a creative parent for my kids, and these are just too beautiful to resist. I definitely see myself making/buying beautiful animals like these.

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  1. Amen sister! I can gurantee you will be getting no plastic toys from me. And from a development point of view, exploratory and creative play is most beneficial :)