Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 17

Week 17_Kirsty
This week I also placed a ban on myself from listening to Kanye West music. No nasty language around my little tummy thank you very much. I should probably always have such standards.

a new addition

We've been keeping a secret for a little while. And it was such an exciting secret to keep. Our good friend Ricky (who lives in the bottom half of our house) was given a new little puppy this week - from his lovely girlfriend Hayley. He has been wanting one for ages, and we were in support of the idea. We have a large yard, and we knew Duke dog would love having a play mate, and a little sister dog.

So now there is Duke and Bonnie. She is a German Shepherd cross Golden Retriever. Unfortunately she won't stay this cute cuddly size for long, so we are getting lots of cuddles in while we can. Duke has been wonderfully gentle and patient with her, although I know he'll love it when she is a little bigger, tougher and more of a fair wrestling opponent. Our house is filling up!


This was the scene I awoke to this morning on our deck. Two exhausted dogs, and one shredded bed - thank you of Miss Bonnie. I'd forgotten about the 'puppy chewing everything with those little sharp teeth' stage.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it's ice, real ice!

Recently my role (I suppose that's what you would call it) has begun to change a bit - like every part of my life really - and I'm having to work out where and how a pregnant Kirsty fits into things.

I've been a youth group leader in our church for years, and I'm finding this role one of the strangest ones that I'm trying to navigate. I find myself being a lot more reserved, physically, mentally & spiritually (not sure if thats just me trying to conserve much needed energy, or deal with the change in my role and the stepping back that I know is coming), but I do miss getting in there are running around with the students, playing silly games and the like. We've always had so much fun.

I suppose I feel myself becoming more of the youth group mum, taking photos, keeping a special eye out for the younger girls, and looking after the bags, shoes and anything that students do and will lose when you go anywhere new.

Last friday night was the whole deal. We took forty something students to the local ice skating rink for some pre-winter fun. It was a great night (lovely to have a cold nose for a few hours), and everyone came home with all their fingers intact (my biggest fear is getting your fingers run over when you fall over). So, mum Kirsty was sitting on the edge with a few kids, watching the bags etc, and this one little boy, who'd just completed his first lap on the ice, stopped and exclaimed to me that "IT'S ICE, IT'S REAL ICE!" He made my night. I'm not sure what he expected to find at an ice skating rink, but he was so over-joyed that it was in fact real ice!

Another memorable quote from the night included one student telling a female leader that she had acne issues that she needed to resolve, pointing at the leaders cheek. I appreciate that students/children are totally ok to say such honest things, and don't intend to be harmful with such words (well, not in this case).

Anyway, we had a wonderful night and at the end something which always happens and use to frustrate me, but now more so amuses me quite a lot occurred. As all the students removed their skates, and put their shoes back on, there were (and always are) a handful of students who do not hesitate to declare "someone has STOLEN my shoes!" It just floats off the tongue. Why would someone steal your shoes? I mean really! The conversation usually progresses to "what colour are they?" "brown" "is that them under the chair?" "yes." Without a doubt, I had that conversation at least 6 times.

This is Lisa, Brandon and Rennae. Lisa was lucky enough to get retro lights.




Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the giver trumps the gift

I'm lucky enough to work with some of the loveliest people (one of whom is my handsome husband), and another who we like to call Mary-Jane, as that is her name. There are so many things I love about this girl. She surprised me this afternoon at work with a be-lated birthday gift that she ordered back in December and only just remembered to pick up. I love that she only just remembered to go back and check on the order. Makes me giggle and realise once again, that it's not about the gift at all, its the giver. That being said, I will never say no to cute little stationary bits and bobs, or fancy new stainless steel drink bottles. I'm a blessed girl.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

freshly sanded floors and new toys


Since we found out that Batman was on his/her way we've had a few projects around the house on the go. We'd planned to rip up the carpet in our bedrooms and get the floors sanded, thinking it would happen about 3 weeks after we got the guys out to give us a quote, but due to a cancellation the work began the very next day.

I didn't even get time to take photos of the rooms beforehand. But you can imagine that the gross, stained carpets have nothing on the new shiny wooden floor boards. Great for a little one to scoot around on!

We may have also made a trip to Ikea last week, dangerous place really. They have some cute things. In keeping with our fabric/wood toy ideal we bought this cute little vegetable basket. Duke was rather intrigued by it also. I think we are going to have to keep an extra eye on Duke around Batman's toys. They look so tempting.

A cute wooden car that Jamie's dad or maybe granddad made for him when he was a child. I love the colour.

maternity series - week 15

Week 15_Kirsty