Friday, March 18, 2011

a new addition

We've been keeping a secret for a little while. And it was such an exciting secret to keep. Our good friend Ricky (who lives in the bottom half of our house) was given a new little puppy this week - from his lovely girlfriend Hayley. He has been wanting one for ages, and we were in support of the idea. We have a large yard, and we knew Duke dog would love having a play mate, and a little sister dog.

So now there is Duke and Bonnie. She is a German Shepherd cross Golden Retriever. Unfortunately she won't stay this cute cuddly size for long, so we are getting lots of cuddles in while we can. Duke has been wonderfully gentle and patient with her, although I know he'll love it when she is a little bigger, tougher and more of a fair wrestling opponent. Our house is filling up!


This was the scene I awoke to this morning on our deck. Two exhausted dogs, and one shredded bed - thank you of Miss Bonnie. I'd forgotten about the 'puppy chewing everything with those little sharp teeth' stage.

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