Thursday, April 28, 2011

the 7D has arrived

A big parcel came today. And it's an exciting parcel. We've been tossing up whether or not to buy a fancy schmancy camera for months now and we've finally done it. Baby Batman has been an encouraging factor in the mix, we really want to have great photos and videos of our kids, and all sorts of other fun things, and this camera does both - REALLY WELL.

And it arrived in good timing, about a week before we head to New Zealand and Melbourne for a holiday - which will give me plenty of time and opportunities to properly work out how to use the fancy thing. And it means that we can claim back our tax at the airport when we leave the country (yipppee).

I'm excited to learn more about photography, as I do really enjoy it. And now that I've downloaded the instruction booklet in English (thanks for sending us a Japanese one guys, its only mildly unhelpful!) I can begin to sift through all the millions of settings and controls. Its going to be such fun. I've already started planning a few projects, parties and functions that I can photograph. Practice practice practice (i'm a massive fan of teaching myself things - so this will be great) Yipppeee!




Saturday, April 9, 2011

Duke and BonIver

I blogged about our newest family member a few weeks ago, little Bonnie. I've taken to calling her BonIver recently and I think she appreciates it. She's finally beginning to respond to her name, so anything beginning with Bon works really. It's funny how they always fall asleep in odd places. Behind the BBQ was initially her favourite spot, although she's grown more gutsy and will now happily challenge Duke for one if his beds. This time he beat her to the bean bag, his favourite afternoon nap spot, so Bon had to settle for the floor beside him. Lovely that they are getting along so well!

Week 20

Week 20_Kirsty

new tea for six banner

Tea For Six has to be one of the most amazing food blogs I've ever seen, especially given that the blogger is such a busy mother of four, and I can say that because I'm lucky enough to know her. I honestly don't know how she does it, but its inspiring and I'm so glad she does. Sharolyn and I helped her put this new banner together. Combining powers is great. Sharolyn drew hand sketches, and then I did a few fancy computer things to bring it all together. Make sure you check out Tea For Six...but be warned, it will make you hungry!