Thursday, May 26, 2011

State of Origin Vs Warm Outdoor Fire

The State of Origin football game is usually a pretty big deal in our house. Jamie loves watching it with a group of friends, eating pizza and cheering far too loudly. Football doesn't really appeal to me at all (or some of our other friends), so this year we found a great compromise. Football on the big tv inside, and marshmallows and a warm fire outside. This kept the serious football fans happy - no distractions from bored people like me chatting away in the background. There is something so lovely about sitting around a fire and chatting, enjoying the cold winter air and clear night sky. Even the dogs liked it. I think this will be a new tradition.

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  1. This looks great! We had a big ice hockey match here on the same night and all of Vancouver went crazy as we made it into the finals. We watched the extra time in a crowded living room which was tense but fun. I restrained from asking questions at such a vital time.